Ads with images: bulk loading and impression features

Context ads with images have become an in-demand format. In the first three months since they’ve appeared, illustrations have already been added to 9% of the Advertising Network, while their impressions account for more than 95% of content sites.

Today we are prepared to provide advertisers with the tools for complete work with illustrated ads. Loading images can now be automated and the format occupies a separate niche in terms of placement strategy.

Advantages of images and strategy features

Thanks to their higher CTR, illustrated ads tend to be displayed more often than similar ads without illustrations. On average, they bring advertisers 2.6 times more clicks compared to plain text ads.

Select quality photos of the advertised goods or pictures related to the services’ subject for your ads. People will notice your ad more often and will better understand what you are offering them in each case.

In addition to this, ads with images give context ads the effect of a media ad and increase brand awareness online.

Contextual advertising with images was not created to attract a large amount of “low-value traffic” to a website. Simple text ads can be used for this.

Based on the tasks that the format resolves, we fixed the minimum bid per click for it at 0.1 units. That way, it stands out from simple text in terms of running ad campaigns.

Just as before, the actual ad click price is determined on the basis of bidding and the platform's quality, so the price may be lower than 0.1 units.

Bulk loading capabilities

It's possible to add images to a large quantity of ads using xls and through Direct API:

  • The xls file now features the “Image” field where you can insert the link to the image.

  • AdImage, AdImageAssociation and other methods were added to the Live 4 API version. You can find detailed information about the changes in API documentation.

Images can be JPG, PNG or GIF. Their size can vary from 150х150 to 150х200 (or 200х150) pixels.

Only high-quality images relevant to the ad's content and the advertiser's site are accepted for placement.

Read more about illustrated ads in impression rules and help.