Tagging links for Metrica

Now you can track the results of your ad campaigns more precisely in Yandex.Metrica. If you enable “Tag links for Metrica” in the Direct interface, the system will automatically add a special tag, yclid, to site links for every click on an ad.

What are the benefits of tagging links?

  • Metrica will correctly calculate data on ad traffic by referring to the tag rather than heuristic rules.
  • As opposed to external internet statistics systems, Direct’s auto-tagging transmits detailed information on each visit to Metrica. For example, information on its cost, ad platform, and keyword phrase.

Before enabling the new option, check to see if the yclid tag is compatible with your site’s software. To do so, simply place the parameter in a link (e.g.: http://yandex.ru/?yclid=123456) and see if the page opens correctly. If you see an error message when clicking on an ad in the interface, disable the function and ask your site’s webmaster to allow arbitrary URL parameters. As soon as the webmaster changes the site’s settings, you will be able to enable the “Tag links for Metrica” option.

Details about the tool are described in help.