Experiment using ad groups

Yandex.Direct now features ad groups, a tool that lets you test different advertising materials for each campaign and automatically select the most attractive ads for your audience.

The same settings work for all ads in a group. A common set of keyword phrases, shared negative words, bids, and geo and time targeting. In this way, groups are perfect for A/B testing.

Test different ways of increasing effectiveness

It’s easy to create an ad group for testing. To start, distribute keyword in your advertising campaign by thematic categories for products or services.

Put together several ads that you want to test for each group of keywords. You can test extremely different hypotheses. For example, mentioning discounts or emphasizing the limited nature of the offer or indicating specific models.

You can try experimenting with texts or with images and sitelinks.

It’s better to test one thing simultaneously. If all elements of ads in the group are different, it’ll be harder for you to evaluate which one influenced the result. If necessary, the loading pages and contact information can differ for ads in the group. This will help if you are comparing different models of products or, for example, if you’re using special telephone numbers for discount offers with different conditions.

The system will choose the best variant itself

At first, the ads in the group are displayed in rotation equally. As soon as sufficient statistics are collected for them, the system will determine the variant with the highest CTR and will start to display it more often than the others. You can disable or edit ads that are less effective at any time.

Upload a group to the interface and start experimenting

To start, enable the "Start working with groups" option in the Direct interface. Ad groups can be created in several ways:

  • Using Direct Commander. A special tab has appeared in its interface where you can set and edit group parameters.
  • Using xls or csv files.
  • Using Direct API. In this version of API Live 4, groups support has been added to all methods of working with ads.

You can find detailed information about working with them in documentation. The main impression settings are set and edited for the whole group at the same time, not for individual ads in it. We have described details of working with ad groups in help.