New “Average CPA” strategy

Today, a new automatic strategy has appeared in Direct: Average CPA. The Average CPA strategy is a tool that helps you optimize the cost of a goal on an advertised site.

When the strategy is enabled, select the goals that you have previously set in Yandex.Metrica and specify the average conversion rate price. The system will calculate the probability of reaching these goals itself and will distribute your budget in order to:

  • receive the maximum conversion rate;
  • bring your weekly average cost for one conversion closer to the value you specified.

If you so wish, you can also designate a weekly budget and limit the maximum allowable CPC.

It is important that the conversion rate indicators depend on the activity for attracting an audience and changes on the advertised site. This is why the cost of conversion can significantly deviate from the average value that you set if, during the campaign's work, you update the site's design, edit campaign parameters (e.g. add infrequent phrases, change targeting or recustomize goals) or you attract visitors through other methods that result in visits become noticeably more or less.

We have written more detailed information about how the new strategy works and features of enabling it in help.