Three selection modes for additional relevant phrases

Now in Direct there are more opportunities to manage the selection of additional relevant phrases.

Now you can choose what level of expansion your keywords need, and enable the desired selection mode — minimum, optimal or maximum.

The automatic addition of phrases that are similar in meaning can help increase the effectiveness of ads and display them in cases where a potential client formed a request differently from what you had expected.

You can customize our new tool to fit your tasks.

  • Minimum mode takes into account phrases of similar meaning and obvious reformulations, as you could lose potential customers.
  • Optimal mode, which is enabled by default, works on a more noticeable increase in requests in order to completely cover your target audience and increase the return from ads.
  • Finally, Maximum mode thinks of all possible variants in requests so that your site gets as many visitors as possible.

A description of the modes and their features can be found in help.