Direct Commander 2.11 includes new features to help you work with phrases and the query input language

Today marks the release of Direct Commander version 2.11. Now there are even more convenient tools to help you manage large-scale ad campaigns.

What's new in this version:

Fix overlaps and get rid of duplicate keyword phrases

Under the Phrases tab, you'll find a new feature called Multi-editing > Fix phrases. This tool works in two ways: by fixing overlaps (in negative keywords), and getting rid of duplicate queries (while accounting for Russian and English morphology.)

As an example of how the "Fix overlaps and get rid of duplicates" mode works, let's say that you have the following group of source phrases: [custom fur coats, order fur coat, buy fur coat, fur coat]. They will take this form in the new mode: [custom fur coats, buy fur coat, fur coat -order -buy].

Get impression statistics and prices for individual operations

Under the Phrases tab there is a new feature called Get prices and statistics, which updates you on current prices and impression statistics. This information doesn't appear automatically when you request your campaign information because doing so would significantly slow down the loading process.

Capitalization of keywords

Under the Phrases tab there is a new feature called Multi-editing > Change case. This tool allows you to change the case of phrases using one of four modes. It should come in handy when using ad text templates.

Filters equipped with query input language

The filter text fields now support a special query input language. To switch to query input mode, enter a "=" into the filter box. A query is made up of a Field (column name), Operator (=(equals/is), !=(doesn't equal/isn't), <(less than), >(greater than), ~(contains) and !~(doesn't contain)) and a Value (text or number being searched for). Queries can contain sub-queries separated by the dividing operators &(AND) and |(OR). They may also be grouped in parentheses.

For more information about query input language syntax, see our Help page.

You can download the new version of Direct Commander here».