Manage impressions on mobile devices

We are developing a separate group of settings for managing mobile traffic. To start, we have made the option of rating and regulating the amount of traffic available for advertisers.

How many mobile ads and how they are displayed
Mobile ads are similar to desktop in design and general impression rules. The main difference is in their quantity. Before, on the mobile version of Yandex, ads would be displayed one at a time in Premium Placement and Guaranteed Placement. Now, we have expanded mobile Premium Placement, and two ads at once can receive impressions on them.
How to manage bids for impressions on phones
In the campaign settings it's now possible to set a bid coefficient for impressions on mobile devices. Select "increase" or "decrease" and specify the percentage of your bids for phrases.

The minimum bid for mobile coefficient is half (50%) of a desktop bid, while the maximum bid is an extra 300% to the original bid. For example, if the bid on a phrase is 50 rubles, for mobile devices the minimum bid would be 25 rubles (half of 50), while the maximum would be 200 (50 + 150). Further details about setting the coefficient and example calculations can be found in the help section.
How to assess the quantity and quality of mobile traffic
In the Report wizard a separate section with statistics by type of mobile device has appeared. Already available are detailed statistics starting from November 2014, meaning you don't have to wait for the first data to accumulate.
Among parameters in ad links you can set whether it takes device types into account. This allows you to not only calculate conversions from mobile devices, but also separate out users who are accessing your site from a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. For instance, you can display ads for accessories suitable for their model.

Aside from in the Direct interface, managing mobile traffic is available in the API and Direct Commander.

In the future we will implement other options to manage impressions on different types of devices. Please wait for news updates.