Retargeting by segments from Metrica 2.0

Segments from Metrica 2.0 have become available in Yandex.Direct's retargeting settings.

Now retargeting can take into account not only conversions on a site, but also user characteristics, such as the origins and frequency of their sessions, socio-demographic data, device types, and other parameters. This means you can make your ad more focused, increasing the number of conversions and loyal clients.

Retargeting makes it possible to reach users who have already visited your website. It also allows you to display specific ads to each audience type.

To create ad impression criteria, separate segments for these criteria should first be created and saved in Metrica, and then linked together using Direct's interface. For example, if you have the criteria of "visited a promotional offer page, put a discounted item into the shopping cart, but didn't buy it", you should save three audience segments in Metrica: 1) those who visited the promo offer page; 2) those who clicked the "Order" button on the page; 3) those who used the "Confirm Order" button. The combination and negation must be added on Yandex.Direct.

Just like for Metrica 2.0, retargeting by segments is currently running in open testing mode. More details on how the new option works can be found in the help section.