Beta version of dynamic ads — automating ad creation

Thousands of online stores place ads through Yandex.Direct. Stock changes frequently, and promotional material also needs to be kept regularly updated in a timely fashion. Advertisers add new keywords and ads to their campaigns when new products appear, refine texts, and change landing pages, as well as pause ads for products which are not currently available.

Today, as part of open testing, Yandex.Direct is offering you a solution that eliminates the need to constantly monitor the relevance of advertising material and get more out of the service — separate campaigns with automatically-created ads, called Dynamic ads. How it works: the system generates ad elements and compiles them into new ads, meaning that each product and a corresponding search query get an individually tailored ad.

Yandex.Direct analyzes the content of an advertised site and takes on all the tasks of choosing keywords, headers, and landing pages. You will still have to prepare a universal ad text and specify which pages of a site the system needs to take for advertising. You can select the whole site or specify your own criteria for selecting pages by configuring dynamic text ad targets for the system. At the same time, a product offer page will always be chosen as a landing page.

Who it's intended for

For the moment, the format works best for online retailers. Dynamic ads are good for clothes and products with model codes, for instance ‘’ASUS RT-N14U Wi-Fi router’’, or ‘’M-500 brick’’ — these can include appliances, electronics, equipment, accessories, and much more.

In the near future it's planned to add the option to place dynamic ads for all other product categories.

Where are ads displayed?

Dynamic ads appear in Yandex search results and on Advertising Network search sites on both desktop and mobile, in all ad block types, and in any position within these blocks.

How do I manage bids and where do I see statistics?

It's recommended that you use one of Direct's automatic strategies to make the placement of dynamic ads as effective as possible and automate almost all routine tasks. If you want to manage bids manually (for example, for goods from certain sections of a site), you need to set the cost per click separately for each dynamic text ad target that you set. You can track performance of your dynamic ads via the standard interface reports, which can be filtered by ad or dynamic text ad target.

What about regular ads?

Dynamic ads are created in separate campaigns and function as an addition to the usual Text & Image Ads. You can continue to show your ads with all the selected settings, and at the same time find new paths of growth for your ads, meaning you can get an extra benefit.

You can enable dynamic ads through the interface and the API.

Work will continue on this new format. Integration with XLS/XLSX is planned, as is providing advertisers with the ability to begin dynamic placement for the majority of product categories. You will of course be kept informed about all changes.

More details on how to configure the new campaign type and how to work with dynamic ads can be read in the help section.