Use callouts to highlight features of your product or service

Callouts are a new way of drawing attention to your ads in Yandex.Direct. Callouts are short texts which highlight the features that make your offer stand out from the crowd — such as free delivery or 24-hour service — and help to attract the attention of potential clients.

Callouts are visible for Yandex search results ads in 1st place premium placement on desktops.

According to Yandex’s own tests, callouts can increase an ad’s CTR by up to 3%. It’s recommended that you mix callouts with other options like sitelinks, descriptions, and vCards that increase the visibility of your ad.

Callouts can be displayed in place of your Yandex.Market store rating if it is currently featured in your ad, but only if you are already using all other supplements to your ad.

Callouts can be created in the Yandex.Direct web interface, the Yandex.Direct API, and in Excel files. This feature will be available in Direct Commander soon. To find out more about working with callouts, please visit the help section.