Increasing the visibility of mobile app ads

There’s a new way of drawing attention to campaigns with ads for mobile apps: adding images in 16:9 format. This simple trick can help increase the effectiveness of your campaign while decreasing the average installation cost.

Ads with images are displayed to an audience numbering in the millions in the Yandex Advertising Network on tens of thousands of high-quality content sites, mobile phones, and tablets.

Here’s an example of how it can look:

Images complement other elements in ads for mobile apps: icons, ratings, reviews, or a “Download” button. According to Yandex’s own data, this advertising format can lead to a CTR increase of +30% in comparison to ads using the classic text-and-image campaign in Yandex.Direct.

In your mobile app ads, you can use wide-format (16:9) images, for example, related illustrations, screenshots, or logos. More details about image requirements can be found in the help section.

Why use images in ads for mobile apps?

  • make your ad more noticeable and encourage users to install your app
  • make it clearer, at first glance, exactly which app you are advertising and thus increase the number of goal conversions to the app’s page in the store
  • visibly demonstrate the advantages of your app instead of describing them
  • direct your audience’s attention to and develop your brand

Adding an image is easy: in the interface, users XLS/XLSX files, or using the Yandex.Direct API. This feature will soon be available in Direct Commander.

Further information about working with images in Yandex.Direct can be found in the help section.