New sources of mobile traffic for your ads in Yandex.Direct

Yandex is now cooperating with external Sell Side Platforms (SSP), which are technological platforms that sell traffic via Real-Time Bidding auctions. This means that contextual ads in Yandex.Direct will be able to get conversions not only from the Yandex Advertising Network, but also from other ad networks through the Ad Exchange. The number of these ad networks will increase over time.

Your ads will have more opportunities to attract a quality audience on mobile, because the first SSP partners in the Ad Exchange have already granted access to traffic from thousands of mobile apps. Of course, all new sites will be moderated before they start serving Yandex.Direct ads.

Ads served via Ad Exchange use the same settings as those for content sites. You do not need to change any campaign settings on your end. Previously, if you were getting traffic via the Yandex Advertising Network, then you will now get impressions and clicks from Yandex's SSP partners as well.

Just like on typical content sites, ads are served automatically, taking into account your settings and bids, what the competition is, as well as the audience and settings at the partner's end.

The system monitors the cost and quality of conversions and clicks. Your ads will not be served on sites that are not profitable for you. In the case of specific campaigns, your ads may be automatically stopped on Ad Exchange sites and you will continue to only get traffic from the Yandex Advertising Network.

Data on SSP impressions are available in the new section of "Report Wizard 2.0". Some of your ads may have already received a small amount of impressions and clicks from Ad Exchange sites.

You can always add sites from Ad Exchange to the list of prohibited sites if you do not want your ads to be served there (the same can be done for individual sites from the Yandex Advertising Network).