Report Wizard 2.0: period comparison tool and end of beta

The Report Wizard 2.0 tool, which provides users with statistics on all campaigns for an account, has officially become part of Yandex.Direct. Report Wizard 2.0 has learned how to compare periods of time following the end of the beta. This means that you can conveniently analyze how certain changes in your advertising can affect the results by viewing the before and after data in one report.

For example, you have just enabled a specific option for a Yandex.Direct ad, such as sitelinks. You can now quickly determine how clickable that ad is, or how many more conversions you are getting, by comparing the periods before and after you activated sitelinks. You can also immediately know which indicators have changed significantly in which campaigns that belong to an account.

All the functions of Report Wizard 2.0 are available when comparing periods. This includes filters that can not only be configured for a period, but also for the results of a comparison. For instance, you can view all campaigns where conversions grew by more than 3% while maintaining the same amount of clicks. To do this, in the filters you can set the conversion difference to "more than 3%" and the click difference in the range of "more than -1%, but less than 1%". This "difference" option is useful for all cases when you need to filter campaigns in which their indicators have changed in a particular way.

Reports that use period comparisons can also be saved and exported as external files.

You can read more about Report Wizard 2.0 in the relevant help section.