Reports on additional keywords and search queries now available in Yandex.Direct

Two new reports are available in the Yandex.Direct web interface: a report on search queries and a report on additional keywords.

Search queries are the real search queries from users for which your ads are served. Additional keywords are the keywords for which an ad was served when using the related keywords tool or any other Yandex.Direct feature that suggests keywords for your ads. Reports for search queries and additional keywords can be viewed at both the campaign level and at the account level.

By tracking and identifying the most effective keyword variants based on these reports, you will able to add these“effective” keywords to your campaigns. When needed, you can create separate ads for them, set bids for them, and get the most return from these keywords.

In addition, later this year it is planned to add the option of adding such keywords from your reports directly into your list of keywords or list of common negative keywords. As always, you will be informed ahead of time when this option will become available.

Reports on search queries use data on search queries from the last 90 days. They are available for the following campaign types: Text & Image Ads, Ads for Mobile Apps, and Dynamic Ads. Statistical data is available starting from June 23, 2016.

Reports on additional keywords are only available for Text & Image Ad campaigns. Statistics for these reports start from May 15, 2016.

You can read more about the new reports in the relevant help section.