New design for impression strategies

As of the beginning of next week, the impression strategies page will feature a new design. Here’s a preview of some of the changes to come.



First, a word of assurance: the options you are used to will continue to work. What we have done is simply regroup strategies to make navigating them easier. For example, the tabs for managing bids on search and on ad networks are now clearly separate, as are manual and automatic strategies.

Unified manual bids

The most noticeable change concerns strategies with manual bid management — we have combined the functionality of three strategies into one. Within the strategy, you can easily set a daily budget or limit the display position if necessary:

Choosing where to display

Before choosing a strategy, it takes just one click to choose the type of site where you want your ads to appear.

  • “On all sites” — manage bids for search and ad networks separately.

  • “Only on Search” — display ads on search while preventing them from appearing on ad networks.

  • “Only on ad networks” — focus on ad networks and exclude your ads from search.

This design is meant to combine all the important functions and keep them within easy reach, and to link similar settings and thereby avoid confusing new users. New descriptions will soon be available in the help section for further support with the new settings.

If you should have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to your manager.