Minor changes to geotargeting tree in Yandex.Direct

The geotargeting tree in Yandex.Direct has been updated. These changes do not at all affect your geotargeting settings. They are, however, important to consider if you use the API or XLS/XLSX files to manage your campaigns.

Here’s a rundown of the changes:

  1. Updated city names and simplified structure for Ukraine: The "Center, East, West, North, South" nesting level has been removed. Before: Ukraine → East → Kharkiv region. After: Ukraine → Kharkiv region
  2. Simplified structure: The “Baltic” and “Middle East” nesting levels have been removed. Before: Europe → Baltic → Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. After: Europe → Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia
  3. New targeting options: Geotargeting can now be set for Romania and Portugal.

More information about display region settings can be read in the Help section.