What’s new in Ad Builder: formats, templates, and ways to upload images

Yandex has recently introduced with more formats and new ways of uploading images to Ad Builder.

New formats help expand your reach in ad networks

Recently added formats in Ad Builder include 300×300, 1000×120, 600×240, 500×300, 600×300, 280×336, 480×320, and 320×480, bringing the grand total to 12 ad formats to choose from.

We recommend selecting more formats for desktop and mobile impressions to increase the number of sites where your ads can appear and boost your traffic in ad networks.

New features of image ad templates

You now have the option to add a logo, domain, and additional text to templates. The text field also accepts an additional 10 characters to describe your product or service in more detail or experiment with different wordings of your ad.

If the image in your ads provides a colorful background for your ad text, you can use the Tint feature to set a monochrome layer behind the text and provide a contrasting background that ensures your text’s visibility.


Please note that along with the updates and additional features, we have changed the dimensions of the image and text blocks to increase your ads’ attractiveness while making sure they continue to meet our requirements. As a result, you may need to make changes — for example, re-cropping a previously added image — when creating new ads. Hints in the interface can help you perform these changes quickly and avoid wasting time waiting for your ads to pass moderation.

New ways to upload images

Upload images into Ad Builder to use in your ads in two new ways: use a URL to upload images from the internet, or select a file from a separate library containing previously uploaded images.