Manual bid management: Daily budget for shared accounts

Daily budget limits are now available at the shared account level, meaning that you can set just one limit and apply it to all of your campaigns. As was previously the case, there are two modes available for your daily budget — distributed and standard — so you can now set your daily budget limit and mode for your entire account.

How campaign-level daily budgets and shared accounts work together

If you limit your daily budget simultaneously on two levels — at the campaign level and in your shared account —then Yandex.Direct will not under any circumstances allow your expenditures to exceed the stricter of the two limits.


Imagine that you have two campaigns with daily budget limits of 2000 RUB and 7000 RUB respectively. If you set a daily budget of 5000 RUB for the shared account they are part of, then no more than this sum can be spent on both of these campaigns together. A maximum of 2000 RUB can be spent on the first campaign, and 3000 RUB maximum on the second campaign (instead of the 7000 RUB limit you had previously set at the campaign level). Conversely, even if you set a higher daily budget limit, say 15000 RUB, your budget expenditures still will not exceed 2000 и 7000 respectively.

So please be careful and consider all the campaigns in your shared account when setting a daily budget limit.

What about automatic strategies?

This new option is available for all accounts, regardless of the strategy selected. Applying a daily budget to a shared account can, however, affect the performance of automatic strategies like “Weekly budget,” “Average CPA,” and “Average return on investment (ROI).” If you set tough daily budget limits, the strategy might not be able to reach the goals you set. We recommend you either not overburden the strategy with additional limits or, alternatively, move campaigns with automatic strategies into a separate account.