Media-contextual banners now in open beta testing

Now that closed beta testing is complete, we would like to invite all interested advertisers to get to know the newly updated media-contextual banners (MCB) . If you have not tried this format yet, you can now do so in Yandex.Direct even without a Yandex manager or an external agency.

Media-contextual banners stand out in their ability to maximize your reach of the users you want — their search queries express an interest in your products, or similar ones. You pay for clicks, and your MCBs appear in the most popular format in Russia — 240×400 — to the right of search results, where they are easily visible.

MCBs make it possible to advertise even the most niche products and services, since you can determine the keywords they appear for. You can read more about MCB settings in the help section.

So what are you waiting for? Please take part in MCB open testing, have a look at the results of your new placements in Report Wizard, and send us your feedback!