Using agency representatives to manage accounts

Agency clients and ad campaigns can be managed by several different accounts (and these accounts are referred to as which are called "agency representatives"). There are no restrictions on the total number of representatives you can have.

Representative roles

The actions available to a representative in the Yandex.Direct interface will differ depend on what role that person plays. In Yandex.Balance, however, representatives of all roles have full access to their agency's financial information.

The following roles are available for agencies:
  • Chief representative
  • Representative
  • Client representative

An agency must have one chief representative who, in addition to working with clients, manages the other representatives.

Information about the access rights for each role is given in the table below:

Chief representative Representative Client representative
View representatives list
Edit representatives
Register representatives
Remove representatives
Restore representatives
Change a representative's role
Assign client representatives
Work with clients All agency clients All agency clients Only the clients assigned by the chief representative

Register representatives

Only the chief representative can register a representative. Just go to the Administration page and click Agency representatives. The agency representatives page will open. Then click on Appoint a new representative. Enter a username which has not been used previously with Yandex.Direct, then enter the representative's personal information and choose a role from the list.
Attention. Yandex recommends using only accounts that you have registered in Yandex yourself. To do this, click register username for a new representative and create an account. After registering, give the representative a username and password. The representative will then change their password the first time they log in to their account.

Representatives can manage ad campaigns in both Yandex.Direct and other Yandex commercial services.

Assign client representatives

A client representative that was created recently does not have access to agency clients. New representatives can, however, create new clients and begin working with them.
Attention. If a client's username is registered by an agency representative, the latter must tell their client what the username and password are. That account belongs expressly to the client. The client will be asked to change their password the first time they log in to Direct. Let your client know that they will need to link their phone number to the account. That way they will be able to restore access to their account if they forget their password.

The chief representative controls representatives' access rights to agency clients. They can do this by clicking Assign clients to agency representatives on the agency represenatives page. Select a representative to work with clients, and mark the clients that they will work with. You can only assign one client representative to a client. To unassign a client from a representative, uncheck the box next to the client's username. Click Save to apply the changes.

The list of clients a representative works with can be seen by clicking on the representative's username on the agency representatives page.

Clients may assign agency representatives. You will see a + next to these clients on the My clients page. When you click on it, a list of the client's representatives will appear.

Remove representatives

Only the chief representative can remove a representative. To do this, click on the corresponding link next to a username on the representatives page. Removed representatives will lose their access to the agency interface not only in Yandex.Direct, but also on other Yandex commercial services.

You can see all agency representatives that were removed in the Deleted representatives tab. If a removed representative was unable to create a campaign, you can restore that representative. To do this, click Restore next to the representative's username in the list.

Change a representative's role

The chief representative can appoint another agency representative as chief. To do this click Change chief representative on the agency representatives page, choose a username from the list and click Appoint. Client representatives cannot assign the chief representative. A former chief representative cannot manage agency representatives and is given the role of representative.

The chief representative can change the role of any agency representative. To do this, remove the representative, then restore them, indicating the new role in the Access rights section.


The client will receive email notifications about all their campaigns. Agency representatives receive certain notifications about ad campaigns depending on their role:

Role Email notifications
Chief representative For all agency campaigns
Client representative Only for the campaigns of clients that they work with

In the campaign settings, you can enter another address for email notifications and select what events you want to be notified about. Please note that there are events that aren't included in the list (such as moderation results or fund transfers to your account). Notifications about those events are sent by default and you can't unsubscribe from them. If the same email address is indicated for several campaigns, you can change it separately for each campaign. Bulk operations are not available.

Only the client will receive SMS notifications. The client should enter what number to receive notifications at. Representatives can't change this number, but they can determine what events the client should know about in the campaign settings.

You can enable shared account notifications separately. To set this up, the representative should go to the shared account settings on the client's campaign page. You must grant your client permission to edit their campaign if they also want to do this. To grant editing permission, the representative should go to the client's settings.