Ban impressions by IP address

By experimenting with your ad campaign settings, you can restrict your ads to specific users based on IP address. On the campaign settings page in the Advanced settings section, you can enter up to 25 forbidden IP addresses. Users with these IP addresses will not be able to see ads from that particular ad campaign.

You cannot prohibit IP addresses of private subnetworks (for example, 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x, etc.) because these are used for internal corporate networks (intranets), and are not used on the rest of the internet.

To determine which IP addresses users came from, look at the logs from the server where your site is located. You can use special programs to do this. You can find out about them from your provider. You can identify users who came to your site from Yandex Direct ads by using the additional ?from=direct parameter, which you add to your website link (for example,

How prohibiting impressions can hurt your ad campaign

There are certain things to keep in mind about how IP addresses are assigned:

  • Modem-based internet connections often have dynamic IP addresses, which may change the next time that same user connects to the internet.

  • Companies and internet providers often provide internet access through a proxy server, so all computers connected to the internet through that server will have the exact same IP address.

In both instances, a large number of random users may have the same IP address. Therefore, we do not recommend disabling impressions based on IP addresses, as this could reduce your field of potential clients.

Suspicious activity from a specific IP address

We don't recommend forbidding ad displays based on IP address (even in cases where you suspect suspicious activity). Yandex Direct filters out fraudulent clicks and impressions using special fraud-protection technology.

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