Registering representatives

This system lets several people manage the same campaign on Yandex.Direct by providing access to the same account from different (representative) logins.

All registered representatives have full access to all campaigns, they can edit and change ad settings, view campaign statistics, transfer funds, and pay for campaigns, etc.

There will always be a senior representative. The senior representative is the only one who can appoint new representatives, and delete existing representatives. There are no restrictions to the total number of representatives you can have.

Appointing a new representative

A new representative can register with the approval of the "head" representative. To do this, click on the Registered representatives link on the My campaigns page and use the Appoint a new representative option.


Representatives can only be assigned new Yandex usernames that have not been used to manage ad campaigns on any other Yandex services in the past. A new representative will receive access to ad campaign management services not only in Direct, but also on other Yandex commercial services.

The new representative will then appear on the Registered representatives page.

Deleting representatives

Representatives can be deleted in the "Registered representatives" page using the link next to the login of the relevant representative. When deleted that particular login will lose all access to the campaigns of that user.


Deleted representatives will lose their access to ad campaign management services not only in Yandex.Direct, but also on other Yandex commercial services.

Previously-deleted representatives can be viewed in the list on the Deleted representatives tab. A former representative can be reinstated if necessary.

Changing the chief representative

Any of the existing representatives can be nominated to be a chief representative. Follow the Change chief representative link, select the required login from the list of representatives, then click Appoint.

After a new chief representative has been appointed, the previous chief representative will lose all administrative rights.


A standard campaign representative will only receive notifications about the campaigns where their email address is specified as a contact. If a representative wants to get notifications for all campaigns, they can change the notification settings under User settings.

The chief representative will always receive notifications about all the campaigns. Additionally, the chief representative can edit the settings for all other representatives by clicking Edit to the right of the login field in the general list of representatives.