SMS notifications

You can get SMS notifications about the status of your campaigns. For example, you can get notified when a campaign was accepted after review, or when the account is low on funds. SMS notification messages are paid for by Yandex, and they are free of charge for the advertiser.

To set up SMS notifications, go to the Notifications section on the campaign settings page. Choose the types of notifications you want to get and the best time for sending the messages to you, and click Save.

You can get messages about the status of a shared account. To set this up, go to My campaigns → Shared account. In this case, you will be notified of the amount remaining on the shared account, instead of getting the balance for each individual campaign.

By default, the notifications are sent to the phone number you provided when registering with Yandex. If your account doesn't have a mobile phone number associated with it, or you want to send notifications to a different phone number, click the appropriate link in the SMS notification settings.