Dynamic ads

Dynamic advertising helps you simplify the process of handling campaigns involving a large number of similar ads. Yandex.Direct will analyze the content of the site or feed and automatically create ads for display in Yandex search.

For example, your online store frequently changes its product range and it takes too much time to create new ads and suspend irrelevant ones. You can create a campaign for dynamic ads so that you can automatically generate ads for every item on your site.

Dynamic ads can augment a campaign that also uses regular ads. The most effective ad is served. To identify this ad, the system analyzes impression statistics and click statistics, bids, and the quality coefficient.

You can create dynamic ads for any category of products or services except those subject to mandatory certification, registration, or licensing, and baby food.


Automatic creation

Ads are created for each product from a site or from a feed that you want to promote.

Adds to result

Ads are created specifically for each product and query corresponding to it.

Product gallery

Dynamic ads can be displayed in search results as a product gallery: it's an extended SERP layout showing product cards. Impression criteria:

  • The ads won the auction for the first position in the premium placement.
  • Four or more products are relevant to the search query.
Save time

Dynamic ads are a solution that eliminates the necessity of constantly having to update your ads.

The same format without the manual labor

Dynamic ads look just like Text & Image Ads. But a robot creates them for you.