Creating ads

Currently, Dynamic ads are running in the open beta testing mode.

You can create ads based on a data source or feed. It's recommended that you choose a feed — a file that contains information about products and services. Feeds make it possible to receive more information about products and more carefully configure selection rules.

To create an ad, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a campaign

In the Create campaign drop-down menu, select Dynamic ads. Create an ad group and choose the data source Site.


You cannot change the data source after saving the group.

Step 2. Use additional ad parameters

Enter the domain of the site that you want to generate dynamic ads for on the page where you edit ad groups. The site structure must meet the requirements.

Compose a text that will be used for all your ads. You can also add sitelinks, an address, and a telephone number.

The ad title, landing page URL, link that displays, and keywords will be generated automatically.


If the length of a model name exceeds 56 characters, then the end of the ad title will be substituted with an ellipsis.

Step 3. Configure dynamic text ad targets

To generate dynamic ads you can use the whole site or separate pages by entering Dynamic text ad targets. Learn more about dynamic text ad targets.

Step 4. Set a bid

It's recommended that you use one of the automatic strategies for dynamic ads. This way, the system will automatically manage ad placements, trying to attract as many targeted click-throughs from ads as possible.

If you employ strategies with manual bid management, then you can set the CPC for every page group in the Dynamic text ad target block.