Data from third parties

Yandex Direct ads contain information from third parties such as Yandex Market,, or the Central Bank of Russia by default. This information improves ad performance and increases CTR by 1.5–2%.

If necessary, you can choose to not display this information in your user settings. To do this, uncheck the box marked Add third-party data to ads.

Store rating on Yandex Market

You can show the Yandex Market rating for your store in ads.

The store's rating will be shown with an ad if:
  • The Show ratings in ads option is enabled in the placement settings for Yandex Market.
  • The domain of the store in Yandex Market fully matches the link to the site in the ad.
  • The store has been placed on Yandex Market for at least 30 days or disconnected from Yandex Market less than 30 days ago.
  • The store's rating has not been removed by Yandex Market's quality control service.

For more information, see Yandex Market Help.

Store ratings may display on tablets. If the ad has callouts, then the rating will not display.

Official dealer badge

In ads for automobiles you may see an official dealer badge from

An official dealer badge will be added to an ad if:
  • The user specifies the car brand in their search query.
  • The link to the site in the Yandex Direct ad fully matches the domain of an official dealer.

Badge for an official financial institution according to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

You may see a badge in ads for officially-recognized finance organizations.

The badge will be added to an ad if the organization's site is in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation's register of microfinance organizations, register of insurance companies , or list of websites of credit organizations.

Other data

The ad may show other badges and icons that provide users with additional information about the site. Examples are the icon for a popular site or users' choice .

For more information about badges and icons and how they are issued, see Yandex Webmaster Help.

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