Price in ads

For “Text & Image Ads” campaigns, you can add the price for a product or service. By specifying the price and mentioning bonuses and special offers in your ad text, you can attract more of your target audience.

You can use this setting when your site offers a small range of products or services and the prices are stable. This might also be helpful if your campaign is targeted at impressions for general queries and you would like to add the price to attract attention, such as to set the minimum service price in an ad (“from 899 rubles”).

If you have a lot of offers that cannot be updated manually, use a feed to create dynamic ads.

Prices in ads can be displayed on both search and the ad networks (YAN and ad exchanges).

  1. Benefits of price in ads
  2. How to add price
  3. Group campaign management

Benefits of price in ads

According to our research, information about prices, promos and discounts increases ad CTR by 1.5-3%, depending on the display device.

How to add price

The price can be added when creating or editing ads. To do this, open the ad editing page, go to the Price in ad section and fill in the relevant field. To emphasize savings on the offer, indicate the old price. If necessary, use the prefixes “starting at” or “under”.

All prices and currencies must match the information on the landing page (this is checked during moderation).

Group campaign management

You can use the new interface to add, change, or delete prices from multiple Text & Image ads. On the Campaigns page, select the desired campaigns and go to their ads. Select several ads or the entire list. Click Actions and select Prices in ad from the menu.

In the Prices in ads window, fill in Price. If necessary, use a prefix. To highlight the comparative benefits of your offer, enter the old price. Click Save.

The new price will only be added to Text & Image ads. If other types of ads were selected, the price is not added to them. You can check the changes on the Ads page in the Price in ad column.