Downloading statistics to an XLS file

A new way of displaying data has been introduced to make it easier to view campaign statistics:

  1. The “"Statistics by day” and “General statistics” sections contain the overall campaign statistics by default. Check the “Detailed ad statistics” box to view more detailed information.

  2. The ad system will automatically determine the approximate size of the requested data. If the amount of data is quite large, it may take a long time to process or cause your browser to crash. This is when a warning will appear. The advertiser can choose to wait and get the statistics in an XLS file, or view them in the browser window.

    Yandex recommends that you download the file. It takes between 15 minutes and an hour to generate the XLS report, but that way you can view the data at your convenience. The report will appear in the “Statistics in XLS” section of the statistics page when it's ready and will be saved for two weeks.