Contact info in ads

You can use contact info in your ads in order to stand out from the competition and help potential customers reach your company faster. In the contacts section, you can link your company from Yandex Business Directory or fill out a vCard.

Benefits of using contact info in ads

Your ad is more noticeable

After you fill out the contact information for your ad on search, additional elements are added that increase clicks:

  • The “Contact information” link, which redirects a user to the contacts page.
  • The metro station or monorail station for businesses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kiev.
  • Your business hours and phone number.

When serving ads in ad networks, an “Address and phone number” link leading to a vCard or an address from a vCard can be added automatically.

If you link a company from Yandex Business Directory, your ads on Yandex.Maps can display photos of your business, its rating, and reviews about it.

No additional costs involved

You pay for a click on your company's card or vCard the same way as for an ad click. Even if a user visits your website while viewing a company or vCard, you still pay for only one click.

Mobile users are more likely to call

When people search for items or services from a mobile device, they often want to place an order there and then. With contact information, you can take advantage of this “hot” demand. The ad shows your phone number from the company card or vCard, and the user can just click to dial your number.

Your ad looks more trustworthy
When someone immediately sees as much useful information as possible about a company's location and office hours, their trust level usually increases. Users are more likely to go with a company that displays the maximum amount of information about itself and, conversely, will be reluctant to trust an organization which does not reveal much about itself.

Adding or editing contact information

You can link a company to an ad on the ad creation or editing page:
  1. Under Contact information → Company from the Yandex Business Directory click Add a company.
  2. Enter a name and select a company from the list.

  3. If your company is not in Yandex Business Directory yet, you can quickly add it and link it to your ad or campaign right away. To do this, click Create business and fill out the form.
    Note. In Yandex.Direct, you can only create a company with an actual address. To create a company without an actual address (an online business), add it to Yandex Business Directory and then link it to your ad in Yandex.Direct.
To use the company's data in all new ads for your campaign, link the company on the campaign setup page (Advanced settings → Company from the Yandex Business Directory).

Note that the unified company will only be used in new ads. It will not be added to existing ads in your campaign.

Where company data is shown

By default, the company linked to ads is shown on Yandex.Maps (in ads) and as contact information (in search results).

If you disable this option, the selected company is only shown on Yandex.Maps. In other cases, search results will use the company that was automatically linked in the campaign settings (see the option Display data from Yandex Business Directory).

If the company is deleted, the vCard is shown (if it's filled out).

Group campaign management

You can use the new interface to add, change, or remove a Yandex Business Directory company from multiple Text & Image ads. On the Campaigns page, select the desired campaigns and go to their ads. Select several ads or the entire list. Click Actions and select Companies from Yandex Business Directory.

To add or replace a company in multiple ads, click Add a company in the window that opens. If you want to unlink a company, click Remove. After making the necessary changes, click Apply.

The company will only be added to Text & Image ads. If other types of ads were selected, the company is not added to them.

Statistics on ads with a business

Every business in Yandex Business Directory has a Yandex.Metrica technical tag. When you add a business to an ad, the tag is automatically linked to the ad campaign. The system itself checks the relevance of the tag: if the company is no longer used in any ad, the tag is deleted. You can't delete the technical tag yourself.

To view statistics on clicks on a phone number or call button, add the Click position cross-section to Report Wizard and select phone. The report shows clicks on the phone in ads in search results.

You can also use the goal “Clicks on the "Call" button” (for example, in priority goals or strategies). Then the statistics will include clicks on the phone number both in the search result ads and company card.

Only business owners or representatives can view or use technical counter statistics and goals in an advertising campaign. Learn more about how to confirm your rights to a business.