Autofocus: automatic keyword refinement

Autofocus is an automatic keyword refining tool that can help advertisers save time and increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns on Yandex.Direct.

Autofocus operates based on statistics of user searches that triggered ad impressions and clicks. This helps to identify the inefficient keywords and eliminate (whenever possible) impressions that generate no clicks. As a result, autofocus may add negative keywords to some ineffective ad phrases.

For example, if the keyword “kitchen” turns out be ineffective, autofocus may refine it:

kitchen -Georgian -design -interior -Italian

Focused phrases will have the same bids as the original phrases.

After the ad keywords have been refined, the ad will continue to receive impressions and a notification email informing you that the phrase has been amended will be sent to the address specified in the campaign settings. Keywords phrases that have been successfully optimized will remain active, and some phrases may be disabled altogether, or need to be "autofocused" again.

The relevance of adding such minus-words as well as the number of repeat refinements is determined by a large number of variables. Some phrases for various reasons (including a lack of statistical data, a range of search requests that is too broad, and highly irrelevant alternatives) may not be suitable for amendment. In this case, such phrases will be disabled. Phrases that have been refined by autofocus will be marked with a letter in the Direct interface.

  • Autofocus is enabled by default for every new ad campaign, which you can manage on the campaign settings page (in the section Advanced settings).

  • You can edit any keyword yourself at any time regardless of whether or not the autofocus system is enabled.

  • The original phrases that have been refined will automatically be deleted from the campaign management page and replaced with the updated versions. You can view statistics for past versions of keywords that went through autofocus in the General statistics report.

  • Autofocus refines words based on what user searches trigger particular types of ads. Keywords are refined and enabled automatically by autofocus without moderation. Therefore, some keywords may contain competitors' brands or potentially offensive language. These keywords may be disabled after autofocusing and post moderation.