Payment systems and money transfers

Ads for payment systems, money transfers, payment agents and subagents, operation centers, and payment system operators can be placed in Yandex.Direct.

Your ads must correspond to the legislation of the countries where you want to serve them.

Your ads and landing page must meet all requirements of the law “On advertising”. For example, image ads for payment systems and money transfers must contain the name of the legal entity, information about its legal form, and the source of the information, subject to disclosure by law. The information must be clearly visible to the user without the use of any special tools or requiring any additional actions. Text font must be readable at the minimum resolution. The information must remain visible long enough on screen for the entire text to be read at an average reading speed (150 characters a minute).

Your text ads will automatically have a warning added to them showing the name of the company and information about the type of business. The warning text depends on the information specified in documents. For image ads, you need to add this warning yourself. More information about warnings.

If the ads indicates specific payment agents, subagents, or operation centers, no documents are required for placement. In other cases, certain documents must be provided according to the law “On advertising” and Yandex placement policy.

When should documents be sent?

You can send documents at any time after your ads have been sent for moderation. If ads are rejected due to an absence of required documents, then they will be re-evaluated after documents are submitted. If your ads pass moderation, they will be accepted for display. If additional information is required, we will contact you.

Required documents
  • A copy of the banking operation license.

If you advertise a payment system operator, you must provide a copy of the Russian Central Bank certificate of registration as a payment system operator.

If the ad text does not indicate a specific payment system, you must provide, along with the license to provide banking services, a letter of guarantee that the advertised services fully comply with legislation. The letter should be written strictly in accordance with Yandex's rules.

If you are advertising several payment systems, you must also provide a letter of guarantee of the availability of all necessary documents. The letter should be drawn up in strict compliance with Yandex's rules.

How and where should documents be sent?

Send copies of prepared documents via the feedback form below (include your ad campaign or order number).

The original of the letter of guarantee can be sent to:

  • Yandex Europe AG, Werftestrasse 4, P/O box 3639, 6002 Lucerne 2 Universitaet, Switzerland – for those who filled out a letter of guarantee for Yandex Europe AG

  • 38R Merrimac Street, Suite 201, Newburyport, MA 01950, USA – for those who filled out a letter of guarantee for Yandex Inc

If you still have questions about moderation or your results, write to us.

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