Medicine and pharmaceuticals

The advertising of medical products and services in Yandex Direct is permitted with certain limitations. This is related to legal requirements and Yandex policy.

You may advertise:

You may not advertise:

Note the requirements for using the smart banner ad format for this category of ads.

Your ads must meet the legal requirements of the countries where you want to serve them.

Yandex does not display ads related to sensitive subjects, including ads about the treatment of certain severe diseases, dieting, or pregnancy, based on either behavioral targeting or retargeting lists. This is the case even if your ad passed moderation and you set your targeting criteria correctly. Such ads can appear in search results, and in the Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges (based on the page content). If the advertised product or service is classified as "adults only" (including dietary supplements and vitamins for stimulating sexual activity, intimate problems, contraceptives, and other categories), the ad will only be served in search results and on sites with adult content in ad networks.

Other requirements for websites and ads.


This list is not exhaustive. A full list of all rules and requirements can be found in the following documents:

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