Prohibited categories of goods, services, online resources and methods of advertising

Advertising of certain products and services is not allowed under the laws of the placement country or Yandex advertising policy. Any attempt to circumvent the prohibitions and restrictions on ad placement is deemed an unfair placement, entailing rejection of the advertising materials and blocking of the advertiser account without an explanation.

  1. Prohibited categories of goods and services
  2. Prohibited online resources
  3. Fraudulent methods of ad placement

Prohibited categories of goods and services

Ads for the following are not served in Yandex.Direct:
  • Explosive devices and materials (besides pyrotechnic products).

  • Remote sale of goods that are forbidden to be sold remotely.

  • Copies of original items (for example, replicas of famous watch brands).

  • Medical services aimed at terminating pregnancy.

  • Online medical advice with online diagnosis.

  • Modified water meters, electricity meters, gas meters, tweaking a meter, and magnets for a meter.

  • Narcotic and psychotropic substances as well as their precursors.

  • Weapons. No types of weapons are permitted in advertising, including pneumatic, hunting, antique, gas-operated, and souvenir weaponry.

  • Political ads.

    Content related to election campaigning, sites that advertise candidates or political figures and their lobbyists. We also can't accept ads for political opinion polls related to campaigns or referendums, or ads for election result forecasts.

  • Sale of promo codes granting an advertiser a discount on Yandex services to place ads in Yandex.Direct.

  • Advertising aimed at drawing attention to services, programs or mobile apps for ad blocking or replacement of advertising with other content or ads (excluding instances when the ad blocker is an extension of the main object being advertised).

  • Advertising that is associated with tragic events, if such ads are aimed at drawing attention to relevant news or publications (including shocking content).

  • Ads that attempt to profit from emergencies and tragic events. For example, you can't advertise products that are in shortage in the event of an emergency. You can't use emergencies to attract attention to advertising topics that aren't directly related to the emergency situation.
  • Prescription medication.

  • Ads of magic services that promise to cause harm.

  • Tweaking speedometer up or down, adjusting the car mileage.

  • Tobacco products.

  • Goods or services whose production or sale is forbidden or restricted by law in the country where the ads are placed (illegal activity): For example, forging documents or distribution of pornographic materials.

  • Automated promotion, artificially raising tracking tag values, account sales (with the exception of gaming accounts). We also do not accept ads for businesses that offer to artificially inflate impression numbers.

  • Financial pyramid schemes.

  • Software and services to spoof the phone number in outgoing calls and SMS.

Prohibited online resources

Yandex does not accept advertising of Internet resources created with the intent to deceive users to get their personal data, passwords, money, etc. Yandex.Direct does not serve ads for:

  • Sites that use phishing, a kind of Internet fraud, the purpose of which is to obtain the user's secret data (account passwords, credit card number or PIN, etc.).
  • Pages created for the purpose of subsequent malicious content substitution (fake sites, stolen content).
  • Sites that use SMS fraud, i.e., methods that allow withdrawing money from the mobile account of a site visitor without their knowledge. For example, when registering on a site using a mobile phone or sending an SMS to a mobile number.
  • Doorway sites that exist solely to attract traffic and don't contain any unique or useful content for the user.
  • Resources that distribute malware or malicious code.

Fraudulent methods of ad placement

Yandex considers actions violating the User agreement to be unfair methods of advertising. For example:

  • Creating deceptive advertising campaigns for the purpose of masking advertisements of illegal products or services.

  • Submitting fake documents and misleading information about the product, service, or store.

  • Drawing attention using sensational or inciting texts or images.

  • Replacing the content on the landing page after moderation (e.g., by using redirects) with content that doesn't comply with the law or Yandex requirements.

Use of these methods results in rejection of advertising materials and blocking of the advertiser account without explanation.


The full list of advertising rules and requirements can be found in the following documents:

When rejecting ads, Yandex reserves the right not to explain a reason to the advertiser to protect the system from malicious actions and protect the interests of other Yandex service users.