Recommendations suggest how you can adjust campaigns in order to get more clicks and conversions. Yandex Direct will analyze your campaign data and provide personalized tips for how to improve performance. For example, it may suggest that you increase the budget limit or enable autotargeting in campaigns where it is disabled.

For Text & Image Ads, you can enable the feature that applies recommendations automatically. Yandex Direct will analyze campaign performance and adjust its settings to improve the effectiveness of ads. Recommendations will start to be applied when there are enough campaign statistics for effective changes.

Where to see recommendations

In the menu on the left, select Recommendations.

You'll see recommendations and notifications for all your campaigns and a forecast of how the number of clicks or conversions will change after the recommendations are applied. The forecast is calculated using your campaign statistics, the specified settings and restrictions. Each widget contains tips of a certain type.

You can view recommendations from your campaigns page. If the icon appears next to a campaign, ad group, or ad, this means that Yandex Direct has a recommendation for you. Click on the icon to view it.

Recommendation and notification types

Change the settings to get more conversions or clicks
If the campaign approached the limit over the past calendar week, Yandex Direct suggests how to change it and forecasts helpful actions depending on the settings. For example:
  • Increase your daily budget (for campaigns with manual bid management).

  • Increase your weekly budget (for campaigns with automatic strategies).

  • Increase the average CPC or average CPA.

  • Increase the maximum CPC.

The forecast is based on your campaign settings, historical data, assessment of the competitive environment, and other criteria.

Adjust the budget limits in the shared account

If your campaigns run into the budget limit of the shared account during the day, Yandex Direct shows a recommendation with a forecast of helpful actions.

Fix the invalid URL in ad links

Yandex Direct only checks the landing page link in ads. No sitelinks are checked. If the link is broken, ad impressions stop. Links are checked regularly with a frequency of several hours to two days.

Enable autotargeting

The recommendation is shown if the campaign has no autotargeting.

After applying the recommendation, autotargeting is enabled in all campaign groups except archived ones. Examples of selected queries are also shown.

The icons near the recommendations vary in color:

  • Red: Something went wrong, the setting critically affects the way the campaigns run. These recommendations should be viewed first of all to adjust ad impressions.

  • Yellow: There are campaign performance restrictions, you should fix the errors. 

  • Blue: Recommendations for improving the effectiveness of a campaign. 

You can track how the recommendations are applied in the Changelog.

See recommendations

Notifications in pay-per-conversion campaigns

If the settings of a pay-per-conversion campaign are not optimal, you may get the following notifications:

Check your campaign's performance

With the selected settings, Yandex Direct produces no conversions and no longer shows ads. We recommend switching to a pay-per-click strategy or creating a new campaign with different pay-per-conversion strategy settings.

Change the campaign settings

With the selected settings, Yandex Direct produces no conversions, so the campaign will stop soon.

We recommend switching to a pay-per-click strategy or changing the settings: the goal for optimization or its cost, the budget and targetings that limit the campaign reach.

The campaign is now less effective

We recommend checking the settings: the goal for optimization or its cost, the budget and targetings that limit the campaign's reach. Update them if needed.

What else you can check in your campaign
  1. Goal for optimization. Check its performance using the instructions. Try to trigger a conversion yourself. Be sure that Yandex Metrica has counted it. If the goal doesn't work, adjust its settings or select a different goal to optimize your campaign.

  2. Goal achievability. According to statistics, there should be at least 10 conversions a week for the selected goal. If fewer, select a goal higher up the funnel, increase the budget or the CPA.

  3. Payment model. If there are not enough conversions, switch to the pay-per-click model: this way the algorithm will have more freedom to conduct tests and will be able to provide conversions. After a few weeks, if the number of conversions gets high enough, you can transfer the campaign to the pay-per-conversion model.

  4. CPA. It should be high enough to achieve conversions in your subject. You can calculate the optimal cost based on historical data or your business indicators. More.

  5. Weekly budget. It should cover at least 10 conversions for the most expensive goal (if there are multiple goals). If the budget is not enough for that, increase the limit.

  6. Targetings that limit campaign reach: bid adjustments, negative keywords, time targeting, blocked sites, geotargeting, and targeting criteria.

  7. Moderation statuses. If some ads or parts of them are rejected or their impressions are restricted, make changes and resubmit them for moderation.

When checking your campaign, consider the Yandex Direct recommendations on how to improve efficiency. They are indicated in blue. Yandex Direct can advise which limits of the CPA or budget to set for the campaign to run effectively.

Automatic application of recommendations

The settings recommended by Yandex Direct for Text & Image Ads can be applied automatically for specific advertising campaigns. When creating or editing a “Text & Image Ads” campaign, select Allow Yandex Direct to automatically apply recommendations for this campaign at the bottom of the page. The algorithm adjusts the campaign settings as soon as enough statistics are accumulated for the campaign and optimization points are found.

Here's what can be changed:

  • Ad placements. For example, the list of ad placements can be increased or the list of sites where impressions are disabled can be modified.

  • Audience and targetings. For example:

    • Autotargeting settings can be adjusted.
    • Geotargeting restrictions for an ad group can be disabled if this group's geotargeting settings are narrower than the campaign's.
    • The audience can be expanded using retargeting segments.
    • Advanced geotargeting settings can be edited.
    • Bid adjustments can be added.
  • Strategy settings. For example:

    • Achievable goals were added to the “Maximum conversions” strategy with pay per click.
    • Achievable goals can be added to the “Maximum clicks” strategy with a weekly budget limit. In this case, the strategy is changed to “Maximum conversions” with a weekly budget limit.
    • Attribution models were changed in the “Maximum conversions” strategy.

    The settings of the “Maximum clicks” strategy with manual bid management didn't change.

Additionally, you can limit the application of recommendations when managing bids and budgets. If the Manage bids and budget option is enabled, the weekly budget can be increased by a maximum of 3% per week. The budget can be changed if it allows Yandex Direct to bring more clicks or conversions at a given price. In this event, the following settings don't change:

  • Settings for campaigns with manual bid management, including strategy settings.
  • The cost revenue ratio set in the “Maximum conversions” strategy limited by cost-revenue ratio.
  • The conversion cost for the “Maximum conversions” strategy.
  • The budget for a week for the "Maximum clicks" strategy with a weekly budget.
How do I know that the settings have changed?

When Yandex Direct changes any settings, the interface element gets blocked from editing. A mark will appear next to this element to inform you that Yandex Direct changed the setting with your permission. You won't be able to adjust this setting yourself.

You can click the blocked setting and cancel the automatic application of recommendations for the given campaign. After that, you'll be able to edit the setting again.

How can I revert the changes?

You can disable the Allow Yandex Direct to automatically apply recommendations for this campaign option at any time. But the changes made by Yandex Direct won't be canceled automatically. You'll need to edit the setting manually.

All changes made to the campaign settings as a result of the automatic application of recommendations are tracked in the changelog.

How to tell whether the recommendations helped

To find out what impact the recommendations had on your ads, analyze the campaign statistics. Compare indicators for the periods before and after the recommendations were applied. Remember that statistics can be affected by other changes in your campaigns and by external factors, such as seasonality, website improvements, competitors, and so on.

Why don't I see any recommendations?

Recommendations might not be shown if:
  • Your ads have just started serving recently and there are not enough statistics yet.
  • You haven't created a campaign, ad group, or ad yet.
  • Yandex Direct hasn't selected any recommendations for you yet.

Have questions?

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