Refunds to Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Display clients

You may request a refund of the money you deposited for Yandex.Direct ads. A separate refund is made for each of the paid invoices.

For the complete list of your invoices, go to the Payments and Documents page in the Yandex.Direct interface.

  1. Write us a refund claim letter. Please specify the reason why you are asking for a refund and the numbers of all the invoices for which you are claiming a refund.

    Your ad campaigns will be discontinued. The funds will be debited from the ad campaign accounts and prepared for refund.

    We will send you a reply message specifying the exact refund amount and attach the template of the Refund Claim appropriate for your case.

  2. Please prepare the following documents to get a refund:


    Refunds are made to individuals subject to confirmation of their identity. Refunds are made only to persons who are mentioned as payers in the corresponding invoices. The original claim is required to identify the person claiming a refund as the person who is duly authorized to claim such a refund.

    The following documents are required for a refund:

    • Refund Claim (as per the template).

      In your claim, you may list several invoices specifying the refund amount claimed under each of the invoices.

    • Copy of your passport (the photo page).

    • Should you wish to transfer funds to another person, you will need a copy of the recipient's passport (the photo page).

    • If you paid your invoice in cash, a copy of a document supporting the payment and the bank details for transferring the refund amount (Russian bank only) are required.

    • If you used a bank card to pay your invoice, please submit a color photo of your bank card (both sides) and the authorization code of the corresponding e-payment.

      The first 6 and the last 4 digits of the card number must be clearly visible on the photo, and the CVV (CVC) code must be hidden.

      Please contact your bank for the authorization code.

    Legal entity

    Refunds are made to legal entities based on the original refund claim letter signed by the company CEO and chief accountant, and duly sealed. If you are an individual entrepreneur, the seal is not required. Instead, please specify the individual entrepreneur Principal State Registration No. (OGRN).

    In your letter, you may list several invoices, specifying the refund amount claimed for each of the invoices.

  3. Please send the scanned documents or photo images thereof.

    We will check whether all the documents have been sent and filled out correctly.

  4. After receiving confirmation of a successful check, please send the original documents to Yandex LLC by courier delivery service or mail.

    After receiving the correct paperwork, we will launch the refund procedure. A refund may take more than 10 business days.