Shared account

A shared account is a single source of funding for all campaigns under the same username. You don't need to pay for separate campaigns — impressions continue until funds run out on your shared account.

If you don't have a shared account, you can add one on the My campaigns page. A shared account is set up automatically for new Yandex.Direct users. You can not disable it.


You can top up your shared account using the same payment methods as for a typical ad campaign. On the My campaigns page, click Top up.

You can see expenditure totals for each individual campaign in the Statistics reports section.

Auto top-up

Auto top-up guarantees that your ads will continue to be served without interruption: your account will be credited automatically as soon as funds reach the minimum amount you set.

Only advertisers in Russia that pay in rubles can activate auto top-up. You can use any bank card for auto top-up, or your Yandex.Money wallet if it is registered under the same username as your Yandex.Direct account. Maximum auto top-up amounts are:

  • for bank cards — 49,999 rubles
  • for Yandex.Money wallets — 15,000 rubles.
Attention. Only individuals (as opposed to legal entities) can use the auto top-up function with a bank card. If you linked a corporate bank card to your account, then the payer will switch from a legal entity to an individual. In this case the payment reporting documents will not be generated.

To enable auto top-up, go to your My Campaigns page, find the Auto top-up block, and click Enable.

If your auto top-op is linked to a Yandex.Money wallet, those funds will be used to credit you advertising account (rather than any bank card that you linked). To avoid having to monitor your wallet balance, set the auto top-up to debit directly from your bank card.

Daily budget

You can set a daily budget limit for a shared account in order to not spend all of your funds on campaigns in a day. On the shared account settings page in the Daily budget section, click Enable.

Specify the maximum amount you are prepared to spend on advertising per day and select the ad display strategy:

Standard mode

Ads will continue to display until the daily budget is spent.

Distributed display mode

The budget will be spread across the entire day or the period you entered in the time targeting settings.

If the daily budget is not enough for continuous impressions, the ads will be periodically suspended (the interface will display a notification below the ad that impressions are suspended).

If you use high-frequency keywords with a small daily budget or set high bids for keywords, Yandex.Direct does not guarantee an even distribution of impressions throughout the day. Your available budget can be completely spent at the beginning of the impression period, and no funds will be left for the rest of the day.

The daily shared account budget functions alongside budget limits for a campaign (daily or weekly budget). The display mode set for the shared account has priority over the campaign display mode.

For example, you have two campaigns with daily budgets of 500 RUB and 3000 RUB. If you set a shared account daily budget limit of 1000 RUB, then in both campaigns no more than 1000 RUB per day will be spent, while in the first campaign no more than 500 RUB per day will be spent. Forboth campaigns the ad display mode selected for theshared account will be the one that is used.

By clicking Recent stops you can see at what time ads stopped being served due to the exhaustion of daily budget funds for the past 14 days.

You can change the daily budget amount no more than three times per day. Minimum budget size: 1,000 RUB per day (values for other currencies).

Your budget may be exceeded on the day you increase or decrease your daily budget while ad campaigns are running. Yandex.Direct cannot allocate funds for the whole day, even if a distributed display mode was selected. From the next day the daily budget is guaranteed to be sustained.

The daily shared account budget runs based on Moscow time, regardless of the time zone you chose for your campaign. If impressions are disabled on certain days and your campaign runs in a different time zone, you may spend more than your budget. For example, you may have disabled impressions on Sunday in your time settings and selected the “MSK +04:00” time zone. At 20:01 on Sunday, Moscow time, the system will switch over to Monday and start serving ads. It will still be Sunday when the daily budget is calculated, so expenses will be attributed to the day when impressions are disabled.