Types of ads

A single campaign can have different types of ads. We recommend you try creating as many options as possible so that your ads can be served on all the available ad platforms.

Text only

Ads for most apps

With an image

Attract more attention to your ad using an image

With video extensions

Transform your ads into pay-per-click video ads

Text only

Ads will only consist of a title, text and action button that leads to the app page in an app store. The titles and texts of ads must be of interest to the user or offer to solve a problem for them.

These ads display on search and in the networks, as well as on mobile devices that are compatible with your app.

How to write an appropriate text

With images

A well-chosen image draws more attention to the ad and helps users understand your offer faster.

Image ads are served in ad networks (Yandex Advertising Network and ad exchanges), but not in search results.

How to add images to ads

With video extensions

Video extensions turn your ads into short videos (15 second long). They are generated automatically and use the title, text, image and link from your ad. You can replace a generated video extension with another that has its own video background and audio. Users can choose to skip the video after five seconds.

Ads with video extensions are served in ad networks (in InPage and InStream blocks, and also in InApp blocks: full-screen banner and rewarded banner).

How to change a video extension

Note. Video ads are also available for ads for mobile apps. Unlike video extensions, you can create a separate ad group for them to manage their bid. You can also create a separate campaign for them to fully control video ad impressions and budget spending. Moreover, you can add a title and text matching a specific creative to your video ad. More information about video ads.