Ads and formats

Select the campaign type that best suits your goals. Where an ad is displayed and what settings you can configure depend on the campaign type.




Search results

Ad networks



Text & Image ads

A universal ad format that can be used for most product and service advertisements. The settings allow you to configure a campaign to fit a target audience.

Text & Image

Text only

With an image

With a video extension


Video ads
Ads for mobile apps

An ad format that helps you promote your app for iOS or Android. Use it to get the maximum number of app installs for an optimal price.

Text & Image

Text only

With an image


Dynamic ads

Automatically generated text ads that are created for each individual item you sell with the corresponding keywords.

Smart banners

Dynamic product banners. The system selects which ad best matches an individual user.

Search banners

A highly visible branded banner to the right of the search results. It attracts the target audience for your selected search terms.

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