Claims relating to ads of products/work/services that involve results of intellectual activities (films, music, books, software etc.)

If you own exclusive rights to any results of intellectual activities (music, books, films, software etc.) and you have a complaint(s) with regard to third-party ads published on Yandex Internet resources related to the violation of such rights, you may inform us about it in the following way:

  1. by sending us an official claim. subject to the requirements listed in clauses 2-3 hereinabove. This will enable Yandex to promptly review your claim.

  2. List of details to be included in the claim:

    2.1. Name of organization filing the claim, including its form of incorporation, or full name in case the claim is being submitted by an individual rightholder. The signature of the individual claimant affixed to the claim must be duly notarized.

    2.2. Description of the specific ad being the reason for filing the claim, namely: the full text of the ad(s) (in case it (they) is placed on Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Market) or a description of the advertisement (media banner), landing page(s), place ad location (URL of the website page), as well as the terms and conditions for the ad placement, e.g., geotargeting and other settings (if applicable). Additionally, please attach copies (screenshots) of web pages containing ads. The screenshots should contain the URLs of the corresponding pages. Please note: if the ad description in your claim fails to meet the requirements of this clause, e.g., if it contains only general information (“all ads containing information about ….” or “all ads containing links to www….”), this may complicate the review of your claim.

    2.3. Please specify the reasons why you believe a particular ad infringes on your exclusive rights to the result(s) of intellectual activities, including references to the law in force and title documents supporting your claim.

  3. Please enclose the following documents with your claim:

    3.1. Duly certified copies of documents confirming your exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities being the subject matter of your claim. Such documents may vary subject to the specifics of such results of intellectual activities, e.g.,

    • Certificate of Computer Software Registration issued by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property;
    • creating a product and all the relevant appendices thereto (including the statement of work applicable to the product) and the corresponding completion certificate confirming the transfer of exclusive rights to the product to the claiming rightholder, as well as compliance of the product with the statement of work;
    • a contract for the transfer of exclusive rights to the product in question, deed of assignment (certifying the fact of rights transfer), as well as documents certifying that the licensor owns all the relevant exclusive rights, which the licensor has transferred under the above contract to the rightholder;
    • in case the product is created by the organization’s employee: the labor contract with the employee (the author); assignment for creating the product; a report issued by the relevant commission and attesting to the product's compliance with the requirements listed in the assignment;
    • distribution certificates, as well as national film certificates;
    • any other documents certifying your exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities.

    3.2. Duly certified copies of documents confirming that the claimant is duly authorized to protect the rights of the rightholder (in case the claim is submitted not by the holder of exclusive rights to the results of intellectual activities).

  4. Please note: in case your claim relates to ads of several types of results of intellectual activities that are published via Yandex resources, you will need to submit documents confirming your exclusive rights to each type of such results.

  5. Please also include in your claim a clause confirming your consent to transfer your details as well as copies of documents supporting your position to the person who placed the ads that are addressed in your claim. This will enable us to review your claim promptly.

  6. Please send your claim and all the required documents to “YANDEX” LLC at the following address: 16 Lva Tolstogo St., Moscow, 119021 marked “Attn: Legal Department”.