Step 1. Create a campaign

Please click the Place ad.

New user settings

Choose your country from the drop-down list. The country selected determines which currency is used for all transactions in Yandex.Direct. All calculations and payments will be in this currency.

In Choose type for your first campaign, leave the Text & Image Ads setting.

Click Start using the service.

Creating an ad campaign

Yandex.Direct offers a wide range of settings for configuring ad campaigns. All you have to do to start is select the display region and strategy for your ads. Some of the information will be filled in automatically. Check it and change it as necessary.

In Display regions, only choose regions where you can easily work with customers. Start with one city or region and you can add more later.

For your first ad campaign, we recommend choosing the Weekly budget automatic strategy. Enter your weekly advertising budget in the Spend box. Your advertising costs won't go over this amount. The optimal weekly budget is 1000 RUB, minimal — 300 RUB (values for other currencies). You pay for your Yandex.Direct ads on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, i.e. you pay when a user clicks on your ad and not every time your ad is served.

The default settings are best for new advertisers, so you don't need to change them.