Creating smart banners

To create smart banners, complete the following steps:

Step 1. Add feeds (files with data about your products or services)

You can provide information on your product offerings in the price list in a specific format — this is called a feed. To add a feed, select LibraryFeeds, then click +Add feed on the page that opens.

Enter the name of the feed and select the business type which best describes your product offers. Please note that once you save a feed, it is no longer possible to change the business type. Add a link to the feed file or upload it.

Tip. If you have a lot of products (more than 500,000) in your feed, we recommend dividing it into smaller files.

Read more about adding a feed.

Step 2. Design creatives for smart banners in Ad Builder

To build creatives, select LibraryCreatives for smart banners, then click +Create creatives on the page that opens. You can use the Ad Builder to create a group of creatives with different design layouts to suit any available sites.

Step 3. Create a campaign

Click Add campaign and select Smart banners in the list. In the campaign settings you must enter a Yandex.Metrica tag number.

Tip. If your feeds are designed for different regions, create a separate ad campaign for each one. More information about geotargeting settings.
Step 4. Select a strategy

Three automatic strategies are available for smart banners. Decide what result the system should focus on and select the appropriate strategy:

Step 5. Create a smart banner group

Select one of your uploaded feeds and add up to 50 creatives. Please note that the only creatives that will be available are those whose subject corresponds to the business type in the feed. You can add the whole group of creatives, or several creatives from the group.

By default, titles for smart banners and texts for smart ads are generated automatically.

You can specify what exact feed data to use in smart banner titles or smart ad texts. Select the option and enter the name of the feed element that you want to take the data from:
  • Create ad title from a feed field: Text from the specified element will be used for smart banner titles. When setting the element name, don't use symbols or special characters, and pay attention to capitalization (for example, title and Title are different names).
  • Create ad text from a feed field: Text from the specified element will be used for smart ads. If the text is longer than 81 characters, only part of it will display.

You can only enter one element. If the specified element is not in the feed, the titles or text are generated automatically.

Step 6. Configure filters

To generate smart banners, you can use the whole feed or individual offers that are selected using filters.

On the ad group editing page, click +New filter and add up to 50 filters connected by the conjunction “OR”. Please note that when adding new filters you can manage only those settings which correspond to the selected business type.

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