Optimizing the number of conversions

“Optimizing the number of conversions” is a strategy that can be useful for advertisers who have set goals for attracting traffic to their website and know how much they are willing to pay for conversions. This strategy is most effective for campaigns that get more than 200 clicks and at least 10 converted sessions a week. You can also enable paying per conversion.

The average CPC is the ratio of weekly budget expenditure to the weekly number of clicks, i.e., the average cost debited for a visitor's click on the product offering in the smart banner.

The average CPA is the ratio of the weekly budget expenditure to the weekly number of converted sessions. This strategy enables you to get the maximum converted sessions to your website and bring your average CPA for the week in line with the value you've set.

How it works

Once your campaign is launched, the system will automatically assign bids for filters so as to increase banner impressions of those product offerings that most often result in conversion on the website after being clicked. In this case, you may specify the average CPC/CPA value for the whole campaign or for each filter.

For the whole campaign

You set the average CPC/CPA for the whole campaign. The average weekly cost of the campaign will not exceed this amount. In this case, the CPC for some filters may be higher or lower than the specified average cost.

You can assign CPC/CPA for any filter individually in its settings. For example, you can assign a high CPC/CPA to filters that include more expensive products. The system will try to simultaneously maintain the average CPC for the filter and the total value for the campaign.

For individual filters

You can set the one default average CPC/CPA value for all filters. The average weekly cost for each filter will not exceed the specified amount. At the same time, the CPC for the filter may change throughout the week, going higher or lower than the specified average cost.

You can assign your own average CPC/CPA value for any filter in its settings. In this case, the priority is given to the filter cost. The default CPC/CPA that you specified in the strategy settings will not be considered.

Prerequisites for using the strategy

In order to enable the strategy, you must have a Yandex.Metrica tag linked to the campaign.

  1. The code snippet for the tag is installed on the advertised site. Yandex recommends that you embed the code snippet on every page of your site.

  2. Goals are configured for your tag. Only simple (not multi-step) goals are appropriate for the strategy.

  3. You must specify the tag number or enable link tagging for Yandex.Metrica in the campaign settings. Learn more

Strategy settings

Pay per conversion

Enable this option so that you only pay for converted sessions. The strategy will bring you conversions at the CPA specified on strategy setup.

Note. You can enable pay-per-conversion only if your CPA is set for the entire campaign rather than individual filters.

It's unavailable when Pay per conversion is enabled.

Analyze campaign performance and enter an appropriate average cost. An unrealistic value will prevent the system from raising bids for effective filters, which will result in significantly fewer clicks.

Assigning a CPC value is required, while the CPA value is optional. If you specified both CPC and CPA, only CPA-based optimization will be used. The currently used average cost value is highlighted in yellow.

The average CPC can be adjusted during the day.

The minimum average CPC is 3 RUB (values in other currencies).

The minimum average CPA is 3 RUB. (values in other currencies).

Conversion cost

It's available only when Pay per conversion is enabled.

Specify your CPA. CPA must not exceed 5000 rubles. Learn more about calculating the optimal conversion cost.


Choose a basic goal (not a multi-step goal). A Yandex.Metrica goal won't appear in the strategy parameters immediately after being added. The list of available goals is updated once per day.

Weekly budget

You can limit the weekly budget if necessary. The minimum weekly budget is 300 RUB (see other currencies). If Pay per conversion is enabled, the weekly budget should not be less than 20 × CPA.

Attribution model

An attribution model is a rule that determines which click is assigned as the source of a session on your site. The model helps you more accurately evaluate your return on advertising investment. The bidding system uses Yandex.Metrica statistics for the selected attribution model and focuses on achieving your desired result.

You should select a model based on your business type, the method you use for attracting traffic, and what information you need to obtain from it. The default attribution model is Last click from Yandex.Direct. You can change it as needed.

More about attribution models.

Maximum CPC
It's unavailable when Pay per conversion is enabled.
You can limit the maximum CPC if necessary.