Growth of Search queriesβ

The strategy allows you to increase the share of search queries for a brand and its products after display ads are served. With this strategy, ads are shown to those users who are most likely to be interested in the brand and will search for its products or services in Yandex Search after viewing the ad. The average CPM won't exceed your preset value.

This strategy is effective for campaigns with over 10,000 impressions for the period. If a campaign uses narrow user profiles and the number of impressions for the period is less than 10,000, the average CPM may be up to 2 times greater than the value set by the advertiser.

Strategy settings

The strategy can be selected only in the new display campaign creation interface.

Ad serving period

Specify the start and end date of your ad campaign. The minimum period is seven days (excluding the day when the campaign is set up). The budget will be distributed evenly over the period you enter.

Strategy budget

Enter your ad budget. When planning your budget, keep in mind that the minimum daily budget is 300 rubles (see other currencies). Also note that switching between strategies, stopping your campaign, or changing your time targeting can all influence how your budget is spent.

Limit the average CPM

You can limit your average CPM. The minimum value is 5 rubles (see other currencies). Check the price recommendation in the forecast section: the price in the forecast is likely to help you achieve your strategy goals.

The system will automatically set your CPM so that your ads generate the most impressions and help to increase the share of search queries related to the brand and its products at the lowest possible price. The average cost may fluctuate up or down over the course of the day. However, the average CPM over the entire period of the strategy will not exceed the limit you set. For the limit to apply, the strategy should run without changes or pauses over the whole calendar week.

Search Lift survey
Go to the campaign settings, check that the survey is enabled in the Ad analytics section under Search Lift, and specify the names of the surveyed brands and their products: Learn more about the survey.

Change the strategy settings

You can adjust your strategy settings at any time, even if the strategy is already in use. In the editing window, you can change the average CPM, or budget, or the budget allocation period. The new settings are applied within 24 hours. When you make any changes to the campaign settings, the strategy restarts and is trained on the new data for 3–5 days.

If you change the period start date, the automatic strategy is restarted on the specified date.

When you change both the period and budget, average daily expenses are recalculated with past expenses taken into account until the period ends. If the estimated daily budget has decreased under the new settings, impressions are temporarily suspended/decreased.

For example, your campaign had a budget of 100,000 rubles from February 1 to February 10 (for 10 days), which comes to 10,000 rubles per day. By February 9, you spent 90,000 rubles.

On February 9, you change the strategy's end date and budget:

  • February 1—February 28 (28 days), 200,000 rubles.

With such settings, the system can spend about 7100 rubles per day: the estimated spending by February 9 with these settings is 64,000 rubles (9 × 7100). Because you already spent 90,000 rubles, the system sees the overspending of 26,000 rubles and suspends impressions (for 3.5 days) so that the actual spending matches the budget.

If you make changes after your campaign has ended with the old strategy settings, the strategy is restarted and the spending count is reset.

For example, the campaign had a budget of 100,000 rubles from February 1 to February 10 (10 days), which comes to 10,000 rubles per day. On February 10, the campaign ended because the entire budget was spent.

On February 14, you change the strategy's end date and budget:

  • February 1—February 28 (28 days), 200,000 rubles.

With these settings, the system can spend 300,000 rubles in total: 100,000 from February 1 to February 10 and 200,000 rubles from February 14 to February 28.

Please note: you can change settings for an active running strategy with a specified placement period no more than 3 times per day, but keep in mind that the strategy will restart after each change. No limitation is imposed on editing a strategy that has not yet been launched.

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