How shall I choose a strategy?

Strategies are a combination of settings for your placement in Yandex.Direct. Bid management, display positions, and the selection of available limitations for your ads all depend on the strategy you select.

Yandex.Direct offers different types of strategies to help advertisers meet their goals. Before choosing a strategy, determine what you want the ad to achieve (for example, attracting new users to the site, increasing the sales of an online store, informing clients of sales), the approximate budget (e.g. for one week or for one click) and where the ads are to be displayed (e.g. on all possible sites or only in Yandex search results).

Automatic bid management

With automatic strategies, the system manages placement independently, aiming for as many targeted click-throughs as possible. The system chooses the most effective keywords and set bids based on the limitations and settings you set. Automatic strategies help, for example, to spend the set weekly budget as effectively as possible or get clicks at an specific average price.

We recommend you use automatic strategies if you want to be certain of your ads' effectiveness and make sure that your impression settings optimally match your ad campaign goals.

Manual bid management

Manual bid management, or manual strategies, allows you to control all ad indicators and independently set bids based on keywords' effectiveness in the ad campaign.

You can choose a display strategy on the campaign settings page. Only one strategy (manual or one of the automatic ones) can be chosen for each campaign and all of the ads within it.