Using Yandex.Audience segments

Yandex.Audience is a service which allows you to use your own data about a target audience, as well as data from Yandex and data providers (DMP) when configuring ads for Yandex.Direct. You can use segments in retargeting lists or in bid adjustments.

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Required segment is not in retargeting list

If upon creating a retargeting list you cannot find the required segment in the drop-down menu, then check the status of the segment in Yandex.Audience. You can only use segments that are in the “Finished” status.

It may be that the required segment belongs to another user, and they have restricted access to it. Please check that you have access to the segment, and request access where necessary.

Please check that the required segment is found under the username that is same for both Yandex.Audience and for the Yandex.Direct campaign. Provide access to the segment from another username if necessary.

Learn more about Managing access to segments in the Yandex.Audience Help.

Ad is not served with retargeting list

Please check the retargeting list used with the ad. If in Yandex.Audience the segment was deleted or the segment owner has restricted access to the segment, then in Yandex.Direct you will see the “Segment not found” warning. You should change or remove such a retargeting list.

There are no retargeting list impressions

The lack of impressions for ads targeted through Yandex.Audience segments can be caused by retargeting lists that are too narrow. For example, you may be using a combination of segments. Such combinations may significantly limit the serving of ads to your audience. Try changing the segments and setting fewer restrictions.

It is possible that segments based on geographical location data in retargeting lists are being used incorrectly. For example, if “Moscow and Moscow Oblast” is set as the display region for the campaign, while the retargeting list includes locations in the Tver Oblast, then there will not be any impressions for such an ad.

Please refer to the Display problems section for other possible reasons.

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