Questions about payment

How do I pay for my order?

In the Payment section, you can learn about all available payment methods for Yandex.Direct campaigns.

Please note: if you sent all your campaign's ads for moderation, you can only pay for them after they successfully pass moderation.

How much does placement cost?

Ads served in Yandex.Direct are payed for when users click on your ads. Your ads start displaying after they pass moderation and funds are added to your campaign's account.

Funds are deducted from your account for every click on your ad or vCard. The minimum cost per click is 0.3 RUB excluding VAT (values for other currencies). The minimum total payment is 1000 RUB excluding VAT (values for other currencies).

You can find information about factors that influence bids and how to set keyword bids manually in the Managing bids section.

To estimate approximate expenses on advertising based on the subject matter of your Yandex.Direct ad, please use the Budget Forecast instrument.

Shared account

A shared account is a single source of funding for all campaigns under the same username. You don't need to pay for separate campaigns — impressions continue until funds run out on your shared account. Learn more about shared accounts.

You can not disable shared accounts. If you want to pay for each campaign separately, send us a request using the form below and we will create a new account for you without a shared account.

Reallocation of funds

Transfer funds within one account

You can transfer funds between campaigns that were created under the same username without a shared account.

using the Transferring money from one campaign to another link on the My campaigns page.

You can find more information in How to transfer funds between ad campaigns.

Transfer funds between accounts under different usernames

If advertising campaigns are created under different usernames, it is impossible to transfer the funds between them. You can get a refund and then use them to pay for a campaign under a different username.

Refund money

If you have decided to stop running advertising campaigns in Direct, we will return unspent funds upon receiving an official request from the payer.

Calculating VAT

All monetary figures in advertisers’ accounts are listed before VAT:

  • all prices are shown without VAT in the bid management interface (in other words, the prices shown are the auction bids)

  • bids and budget restrictions in automatic campaign management strategies are also shown without VAT

  • total remaining funds on an ad campaign’s balance are also displayed without VAT

VAT is added by the seller to the cost of services in accordance with the norms of tax legislation for each country. Total VAT is shown on a separate line in payment documents and documents confirming rendering of services.

Advertisers can view statistics for debited funds (both before and after VAT) in the Yandex.Direct interface. Just select the corresponding setting in the Statistics section.

Changing the settlement currency

The available payment currencies, methods of payment for ad campaigns in Yandex.Direct, and additional tax charges depend on the country chosen.

Attention. Your currency cannot be changed after you set it when creating your first ad campaign on your account. Please make your decision carefully.
I made a mistake when choosing the currency at the campaign creation stage. Can I change it?

It is too late to change the currency for this account. To select a different currency, you need to register a new username on Yandex and select the correct currency at the first stage of the campaign creation process.

If an advertising campaign already exists under your username, you can copy it and upload it to a new account using XLS files. To do this, first export the campaign as an XLS file from your current account and then upload the XLS file to your new account (under the XLS-file import tab).

Other questions about payment

In the Payment section, you can learn about all available payment methods for Yandex.Direct campaigns.

Complete information on payment transactions with Yandex is available in Yandex.Balance. You can look through invoices under the Invoices tab.

Should you have any more questions regarding payment, please feel free to ask using the form below.