About Yandex.Documents

In Yandex.Documents, you can create and edit documents, tables, and presentations. You can edit files yourself or in collaboration with your friends and colleagues. All the documents you have recently worked on are stored in one place.

The following file formats are supported: DOCX for documents, XLSX for spreadsheets, and PPTX for presentations.

Getting started

Create documents from scratch, open them from Yandex.Disk, or upload them from your computer.

Sorting and viewing

Sort the document list as you like, customize the view, and pin the necessary documents to the top of the list.

Working in the editor

Use all the familiar editor tools.

Collaborative editing

Share documents with your colleagues and work together.

Yandex.Documents also work on mobile devices: type docs.yandex.ru in the address bar of a mobile browser. To learn more, go to Mobile Yandex.Documents Help.