categories (YML)

Note. This element is used only in the YML format.

The categories parent element in the YML format contains the list of store categories. Each category is described in a separate category element. Specify:

  • The category ID in the id attribute.

  • The parent category ID in the parentId attribute (if the category is a child category). If parentId isn't specified, the category is considered a root category.

  • Category name (in Russian or English). For convenience, you can use the names from the file:

    Download the file

  • The number 1, if you used category names from the file, in the type attribute.

YML format example

  <category type="1" id="1">Beauty & Health</category>
  <category type="1" id="2" parentId="1">Hair Care & Styling</category>
  <category type="1" id="3" parentId="2">Styling Products</category>
  <category type="1" id="4" parentId="3">Braid Maintenance</category>

Requirements for identifiers

  • Category and subcategory identifiers must be unique.

  • All identifiers must be positive whole integers.

  • An identifier cannot be equal to 0.

  • The maximum length of the identifier is 18 characters.