«Yandex.Direct, experiments» report

Experiments help you test different versions of ads and landing pages, as well as different forecasts for advertising in Yandex.Direct. You can test campaign settings, campaign types, and media plans.

The report helps you determine how well an experiment works: you can compare test groups with each other and a control group, if you use one in the experiment, using a variety of metrics (such as bounces and time on the site), as well as by conversion rate. This is how you can use the report to analyze the results of an experiment based on a set of metrics.

If you need a clear answer based on CPA, use the A/B testing reliability calculator. It also lets you change the significance level (p-value). In the report «Yandex.Direct, experiments» the p-value is 68%.

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Sources → Yandex.Direct, experiments.