How to analyze recordings

Session Replay technology offers an entirely new level of detail for analyzing the behavior of site users. You can replay user actions exactly as they occurred, to see what happens on each page and how users navigate, right down to every mouse movement, keystroke and click.

Detailed analysis of user behavior helps site owners to iron out navigation and usability problems and increase the site conversion rate.

Analyze your site

Even at a glance, the Session Replay data can tell you a lot about how users navigate your site, what difficulties they entag, and why they perform or don’t perform certain actions. If your site handles a lot of traffic, it doesn’t make sense to examine each and every session individually. It would be more useful (not to mention practical) to sort users into different groups, take samples from each group and analyze behavior that way. Yandex Metrica gives you everything you need:

  • See granular information about each session including the traffic source, ad campaign, search query, time since last session, and much more.
  • Use the comprehensive filter system to group sessions by any parameter or combination of parameters.
  • Set goals to sift out conversions from non-converting sessions.

What to look for

You should pay particular attention to user behavior on the main pages of your site. These are the pages where users perform key actions or make important decisions. These pages include:

  • Landing pages. These are the first pages that users see once they’ve clicked on your ad. They are particularly important.

  • Registration page. Make sure that your registration page is intuitive.

  • Search form (product search).
  • Product catalog.
  • Product info.
  • Basket.
  • Order confirmation page.
  • Payment page.

Also examine the registration or order confirmation process. Session Replay can help you find out during which stage of the registration process you tend to lose users or whether your order confirmation process is straightforward enough.

Use the click and link maps to get a complete overview of user behavior on your site.

Select a question to find a solution.

The page content in the recording may be different from the actual content. It's likely that the CSS on the site frequently changes. In this case, add the content hash to the style file names. Then, when you change the file's content, its name will change. For example: style.390b32d4d49d5e7d.css will be changed to style.0c573d460df87d4de5a4.css. This lets Session Replay use the style that the site visitor sees when it records a session.

Do the following:

  • Clear the browser cache.
  • Disable all plugins and browser extensions.
  • Delete browser cookies.
  • Check the firewall settings. The firewall may be blocking the Yandex Metrica tag script. The tag could also be blocked by the extension Adblock Plus.

If you have more questions about Session Replay, submit them in the form below. Provide an example of the session where data was displayed incorrectly and specify the full version of your browser.